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Karen And Binx

Hi all, I would like to introduce you to Karen and her new Boston Terrier, Master Merlin Binx. Binx for short. 

Karen lives in Nebraska and works for a trucking company as a Freight Manager.

Binx is her first Boston and small dog. She says she has always liked large breed dogs until now. She has been previously owned by a Afghan Hound, a Collie and a 120lbs. Mixed Breed who passed away last Christmas. He was her best friend and they had been through so much together that she thought she could never find a dog that could give her as much love. Was she wrong!

She started researching the internet for a small dog who would fit into her lifestyle. She said actually she had been looking at getting a Miniature Bull Terrier till she found out about the cost. On one of the sites she came across a link to a Boston site. The more she found out about Boston Terriers the more she liked their personality .

When a ad came up in her local paper for some Boston Terrier  puppies for sale she was just going to go "look". She took a couple of friends along so they would not let her  impulse buy.

The litter had 3 males and 2 females and they were the cutest things she had ever seen......But Binx stood out..... that and the fact that grabbed her purse, that she had laid on the floor, and drug it to her as if to say "HEY LADY BUY ME, BUY ME!!" So she did.

What is so ironic about it all is those friends that took her to look at the puppies, work at her favorite bar called BT's Lounge.