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   This is the story of a special little man....
We at BT Help got notice of a male
BT in a kill shelter in New York so, we made phone calls & made arrangements to pick him up from the shelter.  Had to be done quickly since they only allow them so many days to be there before they are put down. I live in New Jersey and do most of the fostering in this area for our group, so since the shelter was in New York, someone else from the group was going to pick him up. We were told by the shelter that he had a few lumps/bumps on him, We were quite stunned when we picked up the dog.  Here was this tiny
thing with these lumps all over his body.  When he was spoken to, he just wagged his little bt butt & we knew right then, there was no way he was staying there.  So, off to
Jersey he came.  We started calling him Peanut that day & he responded to it! When I saw this little man, I wanted to cry.  How could someone let this little Peanut get so bad & then just dump him.  (shelter said he was a stray) Next morning, I take him to my vet to be checked.  I leave him at vets office & a few hours later vet calls me with report.  He himself was stunned.  2 Vets at the office & neither have ever seen anything like it.  He has numerous growths all over his
body. Some small, some large, others hard, others
soft. (Has about 30 or more)  From his body the vet said you'd think he was
10 yrs old, but, from his mouth & all, he'd guess 5-6 yrs old.  First
think we did was do blood work & if all came back fine, they would do
biopsy on a few of them. Next day they removed 5 large tumors.  And he came home to be with us. All that Peanut has been thru & was still  loving & trusting.  My husband saw him for the first time that night, & I was waiting for his response as to seeing him.
Here is my hubby looking in the fridge for something & along comes Peanut, and my
hubby says "Well Hello there!  You want a ham sandwich too?"  That was it. They then proceeded to eat some cold cuts.. Week later, biopsy results come back.  The diagnosis is Mast Cell Tumors. On a grade of 1 to 4 his are grade 2.  Prognosis is not good, according to the vet.  If he only had a few, they could remove them, but, when removing mast cell tumors, you must be able to take a good amount of tissue around the tumor.  Since Peanut has so many that cannot be done.  Since there are so many, the removal of all of them in impossible, his body couldn't take it.  Of course then there were other questions for the vet. Length of time he would have, 2 to 9 mths.  But, of course there is no guarantee. I also wanted to know if there were signs I should be on the look out for. Vet said that would happen is he would start to be weak, tired & not eating.  That would be a sign that the tumors were effecting him.  These tumors give off Histamine.  Which effects the gastrointestinal system, can cause ulcers/bleeding ulcers.  We give him 1/2 of a Pepcid tablet daily, 2 weeks after the surgery, he had his sutures removed.  The vet was amazed that he has healed so nicely.  This condition can inhibit the healing process.  He at that time already gained 1 1/2 lbs.  Vet was also happy to see that.  That is when he started him on Predisone.  Predisone is a steroid, that help slow down the Mast Cell Tumor's & put him in what can be considered a state of remission.  I've noticed
Peanuts skin is very thin & can cut easily.  He as out on the concrete in the yard running a bit & his paw was bleeding.  So that is something we are careful about, with him & around the other dogs.  He has been on the Predisone now for 3 weeks.  Has gained 3 pounds & is acting like any other Boston.  After his diagnosis my husband & I agreed Peanut would remain with us for as long as he has.  He settled into our home & he already got a piece of our hearts. And I am Peanuts favorite. My others are intimidated by
him. If he is at the food dish, they will all stand & wait for him to get done. If he wants to give me kisses & be the one on my lap, they know it.  He has stolen all the chew bones & has them stored in his "room" along with toys too. Peanut will be going to the vet once a month to have blood work done, to
see if anything is going on & just to make sure everything is fine. He can stay on Predisone for 6 mths or more. Vet has said that chemo therapy is an option, but, after discussing it
with vet & all, I've
decided that I'd like Peanut to be a normal happy BT for as long as he has.  Chemo Therapy will cause side effects & since he has some many tumors I really don't
think it would help.  I feel it would hurt more then help. So here is this Little Peanut who in August was going to be put down.  The dog no one wanted, I would say its a safe guess as to the why.  And thru the kind,
compensated people of Rescue, he is happy, loved & cared for.  And that is what Rescue is all about.  We all in rescue have a part in bringing love & joy into Peanuts life.  That is something we all should remember & be proud of. I for one am.  I know that when Peanut goes on to Rainbow Bridge, I will
be sad, & will mourn his passing, but, what will give me comfort is knowing that I added something great to his life, that his last days, weeks or months here were made wonderful by me, my husband &
all the loving & caring people in rescue.