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Pam's Pet Products is a great place to get your personalized Boston Terrier Address labels.  The labels are 1" by 2 5/8 " and are available in a multitude of colors, with 100's of graphics and pictures available, so the possibilities are endless.  I can even put a picture of your Boston on the labels !!  So email for more information and we'll talk labels !!

10/15 Deb's Bandanna's 


I am pleased to announce that I have made a "special on line album." All the photos in this album are bandannas that I have made and am selling to help raise money for my BT rescue group. $1.00 of each bandanna sale, will go to BT Helps. These are truly unique bandannas. Each has velcro as the fastner as this is much safer. I have lots of different fabrics and patterns. They are double sided and topstitchd and lay on your doggie or kitty with little wrinkling. I have large, medium and sm/medium sizes. Large fitting up to a 19-20 inch neck, medium up to 16-17 inch neck and sm/medium up to 12-13 inch neck. Pricing is $4.00 for large and $3.00 for medium and sm/medium, unless specifically marked!! Quantity is limited, so it is first come first serve for sales unless I can get more of the fabric you may want. Please stop by and check them all out!


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